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 Springtime in Incline Village is brilliant, with some villagers preparing to change up locations after an awesome, mega snow-filled winter, while others make their plans for both short and long stays into the anticipated summer months. Beach gatherings with friends are just before us. The rhythm of this village is undeniable – the movement is all around. People coming and going, refreshing and (re)creating. Both snow skis and water skis sit within reach of each other. The melting snow flowing through the creek beds, glistening in the sunshine, refilling, and replenishing the gem of the Sierras. All this marking a season for New Life. We remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, and we do not forget that the hope of the world, the living Christ, lives in us, not just in the past. We actively remember God’s generosity to give us himself before we even came onto the scene. We participate in this new life both in our everyday lives and in the collective family of New Life Church.  

As you make plans this Spring and Summer, New Lifers, the Psalmist reminds those with hearts to listen that, “the things you [God] have planned for us no one can recount to you.” The power of praising God, the ‘new song’ in your mouth – people will see your lives and the Psalmist writes, that those who see you praising God – “many will put their trust in the Lord” (Psalm 40.3). We pray that you will experience renewal in your life this Spring and Summer – that God will keep you and fill you with a new song.  

Singing with you,